Questions That You Need To Ask Your DUI Lawyer

You are probably reading this article because you have just been charged with a DUI or “Driving under the influence of alcohol” case. And you are already out of your mind thinking of ways to get out of the tight situation. Please don’t because all you have to do is a hire a criminal lawyer that is pretty familiar and who have handled a lot of DUI cases. If you are charged with a DUI in Arizona, then you are very fortunate because it is easy to find a Phoenix DUI Lawyer solution there.

Once you have already found a suitable criminal lawyer to handle your DUI case, reserve an appointment with him or her so you can plan the best strategy to handle your case. To ensure that you are in the right track and that you are not being fooled by your lawyer, it is very necessary that you ask the proper questions. Do not act like you are clueless about everything. Remember that it is your reputation that is at stake and if you’re going to be lax during the DUI consultation with your lawyer, some things may not go as planned.

There are a lot of DUI clients out there who do not even know how to choose the best DUI lawyer and they are just being passive as to what the lawyer has to say. But that is not the right attitude when you are facing large problems such as a drinking under the influence of alcohol case.

To give you an idea of what you should ask your DUI lawyer during your conference, here’s a list.

1. The first question that you should ask your lawyer is this: Can you please elaborate you experience in DUI cases?

Like a human resource staff, do not hesitate to ask the DUI lawyer his or her background regarding DUI cases. Know his or her track record and also ask if she or has received numerous awards and recognitions for winning DUI cases. If you have a spare time, you can also search for him or her on the net and see if there are testimonials written for him or her by previous clients.

You really have to be careful because if you hired the wrong lawyer, then it only means one thing: Adios, Freedom!

2. The second question would be: Do I have a chance to win this case?

Usually, the core of DUI conferences is to discuss your case and whether you have a chance to be acquitted. The lawyer will give you a thorough assessment of the case you are facing and he or she will also tell you about the prosecution’s ability to maneuver the jury’s favor to the latter.

Do not hesitate sharing all the details to your lawyer because the lawyer is bound to his or her oath of confidentiality. Details are very important so the lawyer knows how to formulate the arguments that he’s going to use during the trial.

3. The third question is: Do I have other options?

Normally, when a DUI case is filed against you, you only have two options: the plea bargain or battle it out with the court. But it is still best that you discuss this stuff with your lawyer because he or she might have other ideas on how to approach the situation.

An ideal DUI lawyer should be pretty knowledgeable about the different DUI sentences available in the country.

If you are in doubt and happens to be in Arizona, do not hesitate to look for a Phoenix DUI Lawyer solution.

You or Me: Whose Fault Is it?

Marriage – a lifetime plan made between a man and woman to unite before the presence of a supreme being. That’s how marriage is defined biblically. But as we look on how the world rapidly changes today, from old-school to fancy-free, the society’s view on marriage has also been on its edge. Considering our culture, marriage (which should be meant for those who are prepared financially, physically, emotionally and mentally) has now been open for everybody. At a very young age, people have been recklessly making decision of getting married even when they are not at the right time (must have been all way round carried away by their strong emotions). Having such mentality definitely results to the increase of divorce rate worldwide. Now, you might wonder what is wrong with these people. Why do they even have to get married when eventually they’re just going to file for divorce Singapore on the later part?

It is disheartening to know how people have been ditching out the true meaning of marriage lately. Instead of treating such event as holy and sacred, now we can see them forgetting the vows they made and, when all’s said and done, dump off each other. Such cases are actually triggered by certain factors. These factors often are some of the reasons on why marriages end up in divorces.

One thing is, as mentioned above, by marrying at a young age. People, on their teenage years, are likely to get divorce because in the first place they weren’t making the decision for their benefit. They were making the decision for one’s self, out of selfishness and infatuation (which is basically an act of immaturity).

Personality factors (let’s say, insecurities) can also lead to separation. Individuals having the feeling of being insecure of his self-worth are most likely to feel unhappy in their marriage life. These insecurities usually arises when it comes to the family’s income. For instance, a woman having more income than his husband.

Also included in the bucket list is when a couple enter into marriage with less education and less income. This happens if both did not attain a higher degree in education. There will be difficulties when looking for an appropriate job and eventually they will encounter financial problems.

Engaging into premarital sex, which will lead to premarital pregnancy and childbearing, is also part of the list.  In this case, marriage is their only option. They were not thinking about themselves, but instead for the sake of their child. When situations like this arises, the two of them is not yet ready to face marriage life. This will often lead to lots of misunderstanding, arguments and comparisons. And when they can’t handle it anymore, one’s going to pack up his things and leaves or the other way around. That will definitely result to a child having a single parent.

According to Andy Stanley on his series Love, Sex and Dating, there is no such thing as a marriage problem (it is of no existence). What he actually meant is, there is nothing wrong with marriage, rather it is the people who signed up for it. Marriage shouldn’t, therefore, be taken in a rush. It is a long process. After all, it is not always about finding the right person, rather it is by becoming the right person.